20150323_120540We at Calvary try our best to meet the needs of our members–both spiritual and physical. Here’s a peek into our church building to see how we meet some of the physical.







20150323_121139Our Sanctuary is equipped with a full sound system, pulpit mic, wireless headset, dual projector screens, upright piano, electric organ, choir loft, baptistry, sound booth, computer, and seating for roughly 150 people. The floor layout is three sections of pews, with an isle between each.




Our church is blessed with a handicapped lift for those unable to manage stairs. Featuring a covered, street-level entrance and three levels, our lift allows access to the basement, street level entrance, sanctuary, and classrooms.







20150323_120640We have a fully equipped nursery and classrooms for infants through first graders.





Our basement also functions as a fellowship hall, including restrooms, a full kitchen, and seating for 75.