From our Pastor . . .

There is no greater relationship found anywhere than that found among members of the family of faith. Calvary Baptist Church is a church alive—a family of Christian believers excited about being a part of what God is doing in the world and in our community. The families that make up our fellowship are people just like you. Weekly, we come together because of mutual spiritual interests and concerns to join our hearts in worship and fellowship. Everyone is equal and our main purpose is for spiritual nurture while reaching out to those who are hurting in our community.

We extend a warm welcome to you. Please visit us and experience the blessed fellowship from both God and other believers. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

For the Cause of Christ,

Pastor Allan Lane

4 Responses to Welcome

  1. Russell Johnson says:

    I would like to thank Calvary Baptist Church for your prayers during my cancer treatments. While I have known your Pastor and his wife for about 39 years, it was a joy to know that a church family (who had never met me) prayed for me and my wife during a difficult time. Treatments were complete on February 1, 2018 and during my first follow-up screening on March 15, 2018 was given the report of “clear.” God is powerful and able to change lives in EVERY way through Christ. Thanks Again!
    Russ Johnson,
    Pastor of First Baptist Church, Granby, MO

  2. Jimmy Hodgin says:

    My father Tom Hodgin pastored Calvary baptist church in the 1950’s.Then was sent by the home mission board to Lincoln Nebraska to start the 1st southern baptist church in the state.Hope all is well.I am son of Tom Hodgin,Jimmy Hodgin.May the Lord bless all you put your hand to do in His mighty name.

    • calvarystjo says:

      Thank you for the note. Yes, your father was revered as a great man of God with an evangelistic heart that reached lots of folks for Christ here in Saint Joseph. Having served as pastor here myself for over 30 years now, I’m indebted to him and others who laid the foundation for this church to be a lighthouse throughout this community. Most who remembered him have already gone to be with the Lord. There were some here who kept up with your folks and even with your mother, Pearl, even after your father’s passing. Of course, we do know your mother has passed as well.
      Would you remember the names of any of the folks here? Perhaps the last remaining people are Bill and Juanita Haskins. Bill passed away last November at the age of 96, but Juanita is still doing well and turned 95 last month.
      Thank you for your blessing. During these interesting times the true church of Jesus Christ needs concerned believers to pray and bless them with all spiritual blessings. May the Lord bless you as well,.
      For the Cause of Christ,
      Allan Lane

    • Rexanna Lamb says:

      My name is Rexanna Reeder Lamb. My family attended Calvary Baptist Church in the early 1950’s. We then moved our membership to Green Valley as charter members there. My parents were Rex and Willette Reeder. Tom, Pearl and I believe Virginia and Jimmy visited us when we lived in Colorado and then your folks visited us when we lived in Gladstone MO in the early 70’s.
      What a small world. God is good.

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